Health Pack ~ Spirulina Tablets + Turmeric with Kampot black pepper Tablets

Organic Spirulina Tablets ~ 500mg x 200 tablets

Organic Turmeric with added Kampot black pepper Tablets ~ 500mg x 120 tablets


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The Health Pack includes 100% Spirulina Tablets (no fillers, binders or additives) and Turmeric with added Kampot Black Pepper for increased absorption.

Spirulina, a complete super food – with over 100 different vitamins and minerals, it helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, is high in iron and safe for pregnant women as its an alkalising food – aiding in digestion. Read more about Spirulina

Turmeric infused with Kampot Black Pepper for digestive and joint health. With the addition of Kampot Black Pepper, it ensures superior absorption, making it an ideal combination for stomach, joint and muscle health. Read more about Turmeric