Raw Dark Chocolate

Raw Dark Spirulina chocolate

Raw dark Chocolate - with a Spirulina energy boost

This delightful Raw Spirulina Chocolate is surprisingly yummy (albeit bitter for my liking) chocolate recipe is a winner, perhaps for your conscience too.  I made some last week and had it setting in the fridge, that evening my 11year old daughter had a piece or 5. I later told her it was Spirulina Chocolate and she looked very surprised, but went on to say it was really nice and took another piece.
Prep Time10 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Vegan
Servings: 12


  • 50 g cocoa powder OR 50g cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp Organics NZ maca powder can be swapped for additional cocoa or cacau if you don't have it
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp Organics NZ spirulina powder
  • 6 dates chopped
  • 30 g coconut oil, plus a little extra for greasing
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup


  • 1.Add all of the powders and chopped dates into a high powered food processor and blend until the dates are completely ground.
  • Gently melt the coconut oil in a small bowl, you can do this in the microwave or over a bowl of hot water.
  • Stir in the powder mix and maple syrup. Mix well until everything is fully combined.
  • Grease a 4inch x 6inch (or thereabouts) container with the extra coconut oil and spoon in the chocolate mix. Press firmly and evenly into the container.
  • Cover and refrigerate for at least fifteen minutes, then cut into squares to serve. Store in the fridge until needed - it'll keep for at least a week if covered.